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Chasing Ghosts by =LoneWolf117

I’ve been practising a lot pencil drawings.I’ve always adored artists who they can draw magnificent realism portraits like cataclysm-x or D17rulez.I remember I have draw something like that years ago when I was in school, but sadly I never payed attention for…in 2013 was perfect time to “learn” draw like that again.I manage to draw Merchants portraits,but when I saw this —> http://lonewolf117.deviantart.com/art/Valenfield-Mending-Embrace-414539650 I decited to “give a try”once again ‘cause I’m ValenField/RedTine shipper and couldn’t helped myself once again.Besides I love this graphic work,so wonderful, so magnificent,so romantic*sigh*…I was hoping to open an account on Facebook with my pencil works like this one in the nearest future,but since this is a fanart anyway ,decited to public it here on my fanart blog.I had a big trouble with smudging,the cheapest paper wasn’t meant to smudge perfectly…Now I’m working on another ValenField pencil drawing-this time on a different paper(The new paper was quite expensive but I hope it was worth it),maybe I’ll finish it untill sunday.
This Valenfield pencil drawing is dedicated to Kevin(lonewolf117)<3~~~~Resident Evil (C) CapcomReference (C) lonewolf117 (Kevin)
Firestarter by =LoneWolf117
We made a promise that we would
   Meet again.
Jilleon: Give No Quarter by =LoneWolf117
I go through the motions of the subtle games you play,And one step at a time I fall in love with you.In this game of chess the King finds his Queen
Courtship by =LoneWolf117

knights of the old republic dreamcast - garrett hedlundas atton rand

“I’m a deserter. It’s what I do”